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Cross-Border Disputes

Our attorneys have represented many non-U.S. based clients in U.S. litigation, including foreign sovereigns and their state-owned entities. Overseas companies and individuals who find themselves in a U.S. court often face special challenges and increased costs.  Our goal is help our clients navigate these complexities as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Examples of cross-border representations include:

  • French bank in federal class action lawsuits seeking return of Holocaust-era assets.
  • Eastern European government in federal class action lawsuits over World War II land restitution. 
  • German investment fund in joint venture dispute.
  • Canadian governmental entity in a federal amicus filing to address substantial issues of international law.
  • UK-based telecommunications company in New York state court lawsuit challenging a Turkish acquisition.
  • Paraguayan company in federal lawsuit against a U.S. competitor arising from alleged improper exportation of goods.
  • European governmental entity in federal whistleblower lawsuit.
  • European insurer in federal contribution lawsuit by other insurers.
  • Canadian manufacturer in New York state court litigation with its European joint venture partner.
  • Spanish bank in joint venture dispute with U.S. partner.
  • European family in seeking restitution of Holocaust-era assets.